How Does a Public Adjuster Work?

It can be a confusing process dealing with insurance companies. So here is an explanation of what to expect from the claims process when dealing with a helpful public adjuster in Chicago from McKinley.

The Licensed Public Insurance Adjuster
Public adjusting means representing the best interests of the insurance policyholder when a claim is necessary. Public adjusters level the playing field between the insurance provider and the policyholder by advocating for the insured. The public adjuster manages the loss of the policyholder by making sure all requirements are met for filing a claim properly. Help is also offered to recover the claim amount the insured deserves under the terms of the insurance policy. While an insurance appraiser works for the insurance company, a public adjuster is there to work only for you.

Step 1: The Policy Review
Upon receiving your information on our website form, your case is reviewed. We will contact you to schedule a consultation to gain more details about your loss. You will work closely with your public adjuster in Chicago as we review your insurance policy so that the extent of your coverage is clear. It is vital to understand your insurance policy fully before establishing the foundation of a strategic plan to present your loss. Any strategic decisions made are critical to the outcome of your claim and your recovery from the loss.

Step 2: The Investigation
The next phase of your insurance claim will have us as your authorized public adjuster investigate and analyze the extent of your loss. This detailed investigation will begin with a review of the cause of the loss and the scope of the damage. Our experience in the construction industry will be drawn upon, as well as our extensive network of professionals, to determine the precise steps necessary to restore your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Step 3: Documenting Your Claim
Being insured has its obligations, including the responsibility of proving any loss caused by a covered peril and presenting that proof to the insurance provider. It can be a timely and expensive process to comply with all the insurance requirements, which is why public adjusting can be so helpful in such cases.

Step 4: Presenting Your Claim
After fully investigating and documenting the extent of the loss, our public adjusting team will evaluate the claim. As well, a thorough document review will be performed with the client.

Step 5: Negotiation and Settlement
Once the documentation is finalized, it is approved and submitted to the insurance company and we will work on your behalf to negotiate the claim. Our team will respond to further requests for clarification made by the insurance company. We will be on the case to keep the pace moving forward with prompt replies for an accurate and prompt claim settlement. A properly defined and professionally documented position as formulated by our public adjuster in Chicago is likely to earn the respect of the insurance company representative for a speedy resolution and a disbursement that you deserve.