McKinley Licensed Public Adjusters for Commercial Claims

We are commercial property damage and insurance claim experts. We are the right team to stand on your side when facing damage to your business property. Our professionals make sure that no aspect of your claim is overlooked and you are paid a fair and proper settlement. The factors that play into commercial insurance claims make it necessary to hire a professional to manage the whole process. We have extensive experience as public adjusters for commercial claims such as: Condo buildings, Churches, Venues, Restaurants, Business buildings, Offices, Factories, Manufacturers and more.

McKinley licensed public adjuster makes sure the insurance company gives you a fair and just settlement for your commercial property damage. We handle the whole process and help business owners to go through business interruption.

We will guide you through all aspects of the claim process, so you are in control of your claim. We prepare detailed professionally written structural estimates on industry-leading software which will be a key element in the claims process. We interpret all pertinent policies to maximize your claim benefits.












What is Covered by Business Interruption Insurance

A policy will offer reimbursement for profits that would have been earned had a specific event not occurred, all based on the prior months’ performance.

Fixed costs
These may take operating expenses and other incurred costs of doing business into account.

Temporary location
Certain policies cover the costs involved with moving to a temporary business location and operating from it.

Commission and training cost
After an incident of business interruption Chicago business owners experience, a company is often required to replace machinery and must retrain personnel regarding the use of the new machinery. The business interruption insurance Chicago prefers might pay for these costs.

Additional expenses
Business interruption insurance will offer reimbursement for certain expenses within reason (outside the fixed costs) that allow the business to continue operating while it finds its’ solid foundation again.

Civil authority ingress/egress
A business interruption incident might be the result of government-mandated business closures that directly incur financial loss. Examples include street closures related to a covered event or forced closures due to government-issued curfews.

Employee wages
Wages coverage is crucial if a business hopes to retain its employees while it is closed. This coverage can assist a business owner to pay their staff even when they are unable to operate.

Even when disaster hits, businesses are required to pay taxes. Tax coverage makes sure a business can avoid penalties by paying taxes on time.

Loan payments
Loan payments are generally a monthly commitment. Business Interruption coverage can assist a business in making those payments even when the business itself is not generating income.


Our Public Adjusters can help you recover from any disaster covered under your property insurance policy and its endorsements. We have handled claims resulting from:











Any disaster may interrupt your business, which can cost you a lot of money and time to get your property restored. We will help you to handle the whole process – from the assessment and estimating, through interruption costs, to the final restoration of your business.

Get ready to start saving money and time with us.

We will save you time and resources due to our various expertise. We will assist you with all your paperwork and permissions.

Smoother Claim Resolution Process

Our team will assist you in completing the required paperwork and permissions as quickly as possible so that the restoration procedure may proceed.

We are claims procedure specialists

As public adjusters, we are specialists in the claims process. Our extensive expertise as public adjusters provides effectiveness, integrity, and reliability.

As a policyholder, you have the right to be protected.

We understand the law, and our knowledge enables us to protect your rights in obtaining the appropriate insurance coverage from the insurance carrier

Advantages of Choosing a McKinley Public Adjuster

History of Results

For over 30 years, we’ve helped thousands of commercial property owners financially recover from property damage. We have negotiated claims for commercial fires, frozen pipes, earthquake damage, flooding and other natural and man-made disasters.

Local Commitment, Global Resources

We live in the communities we serve. As private adjusters, we prepare commercial claims for the most common and unique damages that occur in our regions. Examples include the Utah wildfires, and Anchorage and Oahu earthquakes. Our team is close by to mobilize quickly and manage your claim for a prompt settlement.

Claims Expertise

Insurance policies are complex documents and can easily be misinterpreted. Knowing that you have someone familiar with the insurance policy's language and how the policies work can be a great help. Our insurance claims adjusters in Chicago are equipped with the knowledge to make sure that our clients' claims will be settled properly. We will guide you with the proper procedures for repairs and documenting expenses if a claim's denial occurs.

Unsurpassed Insurance Claim Expertise

We have more senior-level and certified private adjusting professionals than any other organization. We have offices from Anchorage, AK to Provo, UT, and a network of over 40 public adjusting offices across the U.S. and Canada. Our commercial property claim expertise and resources are unmatched. Adjusters International Pacific Northwest is a proud member of the National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA).

Frequently asked questions about business interruption claims

Can I hire a contractor rather than deal with a public adjuster?

No, the job of contractors is much different than that of public adjusters in Illinois. While a contractor is qualified to survey any damage to the property and provide an estimate for repair costs, insurance claims are outside of their scope. If the public adjuster in Chicago has questions about certain damages or costs involved to repair them, they can bring in a contractor to provide a third-party opinion.

Is there a difference between an independent adjuster and a public adjuster in Chicago?

Public adjusters in Illinois work exclusively for the policyholder. An independent adjuster serves the insurance company as a consultant. So that you have professional representation, hire a certified public adjuster in Chicago as your advocate who speaks on your behalf. We have public adjusters in Illinois who can help you receive the claims benefits you are entitled to.

When do I need to hire a public adjuster?

Many property owners hire a public adjuster in Chicago after receiving notice of a recommended claim payout from their insurance company’s claims adjuster that does not meet the expected payout amount. However, by bringing an independent claims adjuster into the process at this point you could add weeks to the claim outcome. The right time to hire a public claims adjuster in Chicago is prior to filing the claim or at the start of the claim process.

Does a public adjuster in Chicago need a license?

Public adjusters in Illinois are licensed, as they are in most states. They are subject to strict laws governing their services and code of ethics. To be certain of your public adjuster’s credentials, make sure they are members of the National Association of Public Adjusters (NAPIA). You can trust that our public adjusters are fully licensed and are members of NAPIA.

What is a public adjuster?

A public adjuster acts in your best interests as a licensed insurance professional. They exclusively represent you as the policyholder when you have suffered major property damage to your home or business. Our public adjusters in Illinois are your professional advocates when disaster happens and you need help.

What do public adjusters in Illinois do?

Public adjusters work on your behalf to make sure your insurance company provides the payout you deserve when making a claim. A public adjuster in Chicago will study your insurance policy to understand every detail and clarify complex language so that you are aware of all your obligations and required time limitations. We realize the emotional toll an insurance claim can have on families and companies, which is why we are here to support you through every stage of the process. We expertly evaluate your unique situation and carefully document your losses, including any hidden damages. Our public adjusters in Chicago not only prepare your claim documentation and communicate directly with your insurance company on your behalf, but we also negotiate the best insurance settlement possible so that you can focus on recovering your loss and moving forward.

What's Included in Our services

When you file a claim to your insurance company, for your damaged property, an experienced commercial public adjuster from McKinley Public Adjusters will be with you every step of the way. We will make sure that all issues and all relevant information, related to your claim, are properly documented and addressed to your insurance company. In addition, we may involve various experts and specialists, such as: engineers, architects, accountants, an industrial hygienist and appraisers, in order to prepare your claim. Our detailed repair and restoration report will highlight many issues that your insurance company’s adjuster may miss, or is not experienced enough to properly identify and authorize payment of your claim.

Inspecting your Policy

Assessing the contract of the insurance arrangements is fundamental in the previous steps. An extensive inspection of the cause and origin of a deficit is done in order to comprehend the fluctuations of each determined kind of deficit. Along with our professionals and consultants, we start to locate, examine, estimate, appraise, adjust and research the overall cost of our customer’s property loss.

Assessing your Damages

An allegation package is done including proposals, reports, photographs, inventories, estimates, and other auxiliary data that is built to present to the customer’s insurance firm. The latest price estimating software is utilized for the arrangement of reports. A plan can be created for the presentation idea.

Arranging your allegation

Conversation and negotiations with our customer’s insurance company is a part that changes as the claim progress is occurring, Problems with policy limits, and local, state, and federal laws are focused on. Alleviation and reconstruction of building systems are displayed and argued with the issuance firm’s adjuster.

Expanding your settlement

The expertise of a policyholder’s duties and rights below an insurance arrangement is fundamental when going through the complexity of an insurance allegation. Floridian International Adjusters transcend in advocacy of the customer. Expanding recovery and reimbursing the policyholder's property deficit is our objective. All pathways and means will be depleted in ensuring that the property owner obtains an honest settlement that will take them back to “Pre-loss” status.

Office Buildings 
Allow your own insurance claim expert to assess your office or retail damaged calamity with you. Floridian International Adjusters is efficient in locating damaged goods that you may not know that were broken or that could have been claimed to your insurance carrier

When performing an investigation about business property claims in Chicago for damages to your supermarkets’ domicile, its improvements, and loss of equipment and inventory, it is important to carefully evaluate the range of loss to give form to a claim package for your insurance firm. Possible drawbacks like co-insurance clauses can seriously affect an insurance claim payout and incapacitate your business if is not properly posted

Business Interruption
Problems related to a cycle of interruption and the quantity of time for the cycle of renovation need to be properly documented. Floridian International Adjusters work along with knowledgeable forensic accountants to make sure a thoroughly executed business interruption claim Chicago proposal for your insurance carrier.

We work along with Homeowner’s Association (HOA) committee members & property administrators to efficiently coordinate and administrate condominium insurance allegations by turning in the point of communication for all sides involved. The fundamentals of understanding unit owner problems vs master policy and condominium by-laws are fundaments in solving complicated problems of coverage. 

School Institutions
From academies to kindergarten centers, Floridian International Adjusters takes allegation handling practices that will make sure that your claim is properly represented. Problems of keeping students enlistment, business personal goods, business interruption Chicago, building, and enhancement impairment and safety exigences constitute part of the several factors of any educational institute insurance allegation.

Large Loss
Large Loss insurance allegations need professionalism and thorough preparation from a crew of skilled public adjusters. Several insurance firms  and their “general adjusters” might not count with the proper experience and allegation skills to discern the problems related to a complicated large loss claims

Motels & Hotels
Vacancy problems are one of the several difficulties motel & hotel holders deal with after property trouble. You might be dealing with a feeling of urgency to perform property damage fixes and maintain your guests well accommodated to prevent business losses. Floridian International Adjusters can properly help in getting an allegation administration strategy that will anticipate you for possible pitfalls

Religious Institutions
Insurance allegations that include places of worship need specific documentation & assessment of insurance policy limits and advantages. When administering those kinds of insurance allegations, it is essential to concentrate on the ability to have to momentary move to prevent losing members of your gathering. Floridian International Adjusters helps all religion-based institutions with their insurance allegations. 

Burner & Machinery
If your firm has obtained damage to fundamental equipment like HVAC systems, motors, pumps, boilers, refrigerators, copiers, transformers, aircraft machinery, renewable energy equipment, or any other machine, our adjusters can help you with a mechanical failure claim. It is essential to comprehend the complexity of each part of the equipment and the subsequent negative effect of adjoining machinery

When dealing with a restaurant property damage allegation, you might be faced with several problems including the scope for property damage fixes, business interruption coverage Chicago, building code enhancements, health department compliance, and the deprivation of employees, maintaining your restaurant open and running is fundamental prior turning economically challenged.

Industrial building insurance allegations need skilled strategies that adapt to business operations needs. The first concern lies in solving issues that come with building modifications, OSHA Standards, the value of the stock, repair, restoration logistics, retention of employees & code compliance. 

Medical Buildings
Medical buildings like clinics and hospitals include a melt of various problems. Deficits going from property damage to the building and its’ modifications, mechanical failure of equipment like CAT scan & MRI machinery, and risks connected to business interruption claims are just one kind of the many complex insurance claims that can be done to a medical facility.