Public Adjuster in Chicago
Independent Claims Adjuster

With our claim adjusters company in Chicago, we will minimize any problems that you have with any of documenting, preparing and finalizing your insurance claims. Our insurance claim adjusters will take care of any property damages that you may have experienced. Our company also offers interior restoration services such as water damage, fire damage, vandalism, and others. Our staff is here to make sure that everything will be smooth sailing during the process of your claims, our staff will assist you until everything is already settled. We are well skilled, licensed, bonded we are a local team that will take care of you throughout the whole process.

Why do you need a Public Adjuster?

Insurance Claims Assistance from a Trusted, Experienced Insurance Adjuster Chicago Residents Rely On

We can guide you through your insurance claim process with the following services:

  • Administer an exhaustive review of your insurance policy.
  • Guide you through complying with time stipulations and policy conditions indicated in your policy.
  • Offer a wide variety of emergency services including temporary lighting, board-up, water extraction, temporary housing, structure drying, winterization, etc.
  • As leading insurance claims adjusters Chicago property owners itrust, we will prepare a comprehensive quote while carefully analyzing, documenting, and substantiating every element of your claim for your property structure and contents.
  • Our McKinley Public Adjusters team will present and defend a comprehensive itemized claim package to your insurance company to ensure the negotiatio and facilitation of the best settlement possible.
  • Provide thorough construction and restoration services, as they are needed.
  • Provide continuous communication throughout each and every step of the process.


Our Public Adjusters can help you recover from any disaster your commercial or residential property have suffered. We have handled claims resulting from:










We will represent you
in your claim process - how does it work with us?

Any loss to your commercial property or home may present uncharted territory for you and likely puts excessive demands on your time. There is little margin for error when making quick, important decisions that may involve thousands and sometimes millions of dollars. A decision must be made early on, and in such an unfamiliar environment, it’s been shown that the results can be devastating and involve great losses of both time and money.

Whether your issue is commercial or residential, big or small, correctly taking care of a claim requires a structured process that will make sure it is properly processed and receives the best chance of being honored and paid by your insurance company and McKinley Public Adjuster is the company for you. As insurance claims adjusters, we will:

  • Evaluate your policy to obtain the maximum claim coverage.
  • Inspect the property damage and utilize our computerized system to estimate all of your losses.
  • Inform the insurance company of your loss and make sure they have proper documentation.
  • Schedule all appointments with insurance company staff and provide them with initial estimates for building and contents damage as well as loss of business accounting figures.
  • Negotiate with insurance company for a reasonable and equitable settlement.
  • Prepare all documents required to obtain payment.
  • Restore your property completely.

Reasons why our Public Adjuster in Chicago is the best choice for your Damage Restoration needs!


Our Public Adjusters are Trained Professionals

As licensed professionals, our team is dedicated to providing the very best of what we do. Our public adjusters in Chicago are completely suited to help you when you need us most in dealing with your insurance provider after a property loss.

We Are Public Adjusters That Make Your Settlement Process Easier

Public adjusters are here to make sure your claim receives all the coverage you are entitled to. We help you get through what can be the very cumbersome process of filing the right documents and submitting your claim with your insurer. Our insurance claims adjusters in Chicago make every step of your claim more efficient because our public adjusters have years of experience handling all kinds of claims with many insurance companies. In fact, most of our public adjusters have worked for insurance companies either as a staff or as independent adjusters, so we know where the loopholes are in the insurance industry. We also understand how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

Save Time with Our expert Public Adjusters in Illinois

Time is precious, especially in today’s fast-paced society, and as the old saying goes, time is money. Keeping an eye on a claim with your insurance company can take a substantial amount of time away from your busy schedule. That’s where our claims adjuster in Chicago comes in. Because most people do not have the luxury of taking time away from work to deal with their insurance provider, our expert public adjusters in Illinois can act on your behalf so you can continue on with your day knowing that we have you covered. There is nothing worse than doing it yourself and getting it wrong or missing something entirely because you were too busy, the consequences could come back to haunt you for the rest of your life, depending on the claim. Count on our public adjuster in Chicago to do it all for you efficiently and with professional expertise, so you don’t have to worry. So you can save time, save money, and save yourself the aggravation of stress and mental anguish that comes from dealing with insurance companies. We are here to take care of it for you to achieve the best results that you may not otherwise achieve on your own.

Get the Communication from Your Insurance Company that You Deserve

A recent survey shows that most policyholders agree that insurance companies and parastatals have the worst response rates when it comes to customer service. Among their primary concerns are administrative problems and a general lack of communication. Most respondents feel that insurance companies are just simply too slow in settling claims and find it very difficult to get answers when they need them. With that said, it takes time and constant followup by policyholders, or even addressing their issues directly at the company’s office, which takes even longer and doesn’t speak much for convenience. There is no need for all that frustration when our professional insurance adjusters in Chicago are here to help. We can get answers for you because we know the fine details in the industry, so we understand how insurance companies work.

Trust Our Claims Adjusters in Chicago

We care about our reputation in the business, so it’s our job as public adjusters in Illinois to take care of you when you need our help the most. We understand the importance of keeping a good profile with our clients and we are aware that potential clients often make decisions based on reviews from previous clients. That’s why our team of insurance claims adjusters in Chicago serve the community with professionalism and efficiency. We will handle your claim as if it was our own the whole way through the process so that when our public adjusters review your claim with your insurer it’s a personal mission to make things right for you. We will always fight hard on your behalf against a stubborn insurance company that stands between you and what you’re owed to cover your loss.

The Public Adjuster’s Role

A public adjuster’s role is to measure and document loss on behalf of the policyholder, taking care of the claim process and helping document all the losses of the insurance adjusters company in Chicago. The main reason why a claims adjuster is hired is to help you fully recover from their insurance company, for all covered damages sustained in the event of a loss. Public adjusters will inspect all areas to demonstrate the entire impact of the loss-producing event. Unlike other insurance adjuster companies, the responsibility of a claims adjuster is to advocate for the policyholder’s position in the claim.

In other words, a public adjuster in Illinois handles claims for damages to real and personal property, with results from perils such as fires, lightning, wind, water, vandalism, theft, collapse, hail, flood, etc.

Benefits when hiring McKinley Public Adjusters in Chicago

Time Savings

We understand that many homeowners and business people value their time because of their essential priorities. Our public adjusters in Chicago will organize and manage your claim and help minimize the time that you need to spend dealing with all the claim issues that you may have.

Faster Resolution of Your Claim

Our public adjusters in Illinois understand how to organize your claim, process the paperwork that is needed, and the proper language to use when communicating with your insurance carrier can help avoid repeated requests for additional information. It will also help expedite the claims process and get your repairs done faster.

Claims Expertise

Insurance policies are complex documents and can easily be misinterpreted. Knowing that you have someone familiar with the insurance policy's language and how the policies work can be a great help. Our insurance claims adjusters in Chicago are equipped with the knowledge to make sure that our clients' claims will be settled properly. We will guide you with the proper procedures for repairs and documenting expenses if a claim's denial occurs.

Protect Your Rights as a Policyholder

When you have an expert public insurance adjuster in Chicago who understands the insurance company's expectation, you can ensure that you will get the best service. We are knowledgeable in documenting and valuing your claim and will provide you with an advantage if your claim is denied. It also gives you a third party resource who can act as a witness in case more aggressive action is required to obtain a just recovery.


Before & After Restoration

Insurance Claims Adjusters Chicago - Claim Process From The Beginning To The End

After a disaster, we understand how eager our clients wanted to get back to normal as soon as possible.That is why we handle your claim from a point of strength and carefully manage every phase to accelerate the process and get the most favorable amount to help you rebuild your homes and lives sooner.

McKinley Public Adjusters Chicago Illinois - What can we do for you?

We understand how mentally, emotionally and physically devastating it is to experience calamities or accidents. That is why we are here to help and guide you recover from those horrible times. Most of the time, insurance companies release settlements check months after the disaster period.

Property damages are not a controllable thing to handle, which is why our public claims, and insurance claims adjusters in Chicago are here for you.. Our staff are professionals and well skilled to handle your claims. We handle your interior restoration division from water damage, fire damage, and vandalism. Our company also provides exterior restoration division from your roofing, siding, and windows gutters. We will ensure that you'll experience a smooth process with us.