Warning Signs That May Indicate a Problem with Your Insurance Claim

Wouldn’t it be great if any insurance claim that you file is dealt with fast and efficiently? Depending on the reason for the claim, sometimes we require the insurance settlement to get our lives back on track. This means that any problems with the claim could make a difficult situation even worse. 

A claim complication could result in a delayed payout or even worse, an outright claim rejection. There are a few warning signs that can indicate that all is not well with your claim. Before filing, it is a good idea to be familiar with some of the biggest warning signs.

We have listed the three most significant warning signs:
An extended period of time with no communication. When the policyholder doesn’t hear back from the provider for protracted periods of time, it might be one of the most worrying signs that an insurance claim has hit a snag. Depending on the state of your home, insurance companies are obliged to get in contact with you after a certain amount of time has passed since the claim submission date. Additionally, they have a deadline from the time the insurance adjuster has inspected the property to the client receiving a payout or a claim denied notice. If you notice that your insurer is not adhering to acceptable timeless and that your claim processing is taking much longer than it should, this may be a sign of a problem.

Get in touch with your representative and inform them of your concerns. Make sure to keep a record of all correspondence between yourself and the insurer.

An investigation is launched into your claim. A notice to inform you that your claim is being investigated, is usually not a good sign. You would rather receive a notice of claim processing, but not a notice of an investigation. It is a sign that something is amiss and further information is required. This could mean that they may want to prove that the damage is not covered or if they feel that the amount claimed is disproportionate to the damage. They may make use of a claims adjuster for further investigations. Insurers of a questionable nature may use this as a tactic to slow down the process, but this is not the norm. Either way, an investigation can easily contribute to feelings of exasperation and disappointment.

The insurance company requests a recorded statement from you. Perhaps the only industry where more money is made when not performing their duties, is the insurance industry. Insurance companies may devote time and effort to avoid paying compensation by finding ways to deny a claim. If your insurer requests a recorded statement, be careful as this may be a form of a trap. Any errors you make in this statement can be held against you. For instance, if you forget certain dates or times or other incident details, they could try and use this to deny your claim. Make sure you are prepared if your provider requests a recorded interview in addition to your report and other paperwork.

Help is Available in The Form of a Public Adjuster
Public adjusters are there to deal with these types of scenarios and to give you peace of mind. These public insurance adjusters are independent, therefore not partial to the insurance company. Instead, they will act fairly and with your best interest in mind.
McKinley Public Adjuster has dealt with many different types of claims for homeowners and businesses alike. They will help you to get your claim processed quickly and can obtain more favorable settlements for certain claims. Make sure to contact McKinley Public Adjuster before you submit your claim and discover the difference this decision can make.