What is the difference between a Loss Adjuster and a Loss Assessor? Our specialist explains!

There are two kinds of insurance claims adjusters in Chicago. Though they both deal with insurance claims in loss management and loss adjustment, the main difference between a loss adjuster and loss assessor (aka public adjuster or claims adjuster) is who they work for and who they are trying to help.

Loss Adjusters Chicago Are Employed By Insurance Companies

A loss adjuster works for the insurance company. Their role is to make sure that the insurance company does not have to make a large payout to the policyholder, thus saving them money. They are well-versed in all the insurers policies, and use the fine print of contracts to their advantage, to help the insurance company make a smaller payout. The insurer pays for their service, and you may not even know that they have hired a loss adjuster for your claim.

Loss Assessors Are Independent Of Insurance Companies
Loss assessors or public adjusters are independent and work for the policyholder to help them deal with loss management, and ensure they get the claim they deserve based on their policy. A public adjuster in Chicago will help you to use the fine print to your advantage, and get your full compensation. Additionally, public adjusters in Chicago do not charge you directly, but get their fees covered by the insurance company during the claims process, if you do not win your claim, you do not pay either.

So, What Is A Public Loss Adjuster Chicago?

A public adjuster, or claims adjuster in Chicago, works for the public to ensure policyholders get the compensation they deserve after a claim. The insurer pays their fees, but they work totally independently and have your best interest in mind.
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