Residential Insurance Claim Adjusters

A damaged house can be overwhelming and severely affect its inhabitants, even though it might not be as drastic as making your house a complete loss. For every kind of event, always keep in mind that you need to be protected by a serious claims adjuster to guarantee that all the adjustments and subsequent repairs are done correctly and timely.

Hiring a professional insurance adjuster can save you from making expensive mistakes, especially when it comes to more severe incidents or damage. Being covered by an expert who knows all the problems that could emerge, and advise you in the first steps of the process, is already a fair return on your investment. Insurance claims can be challenging, and eventually you will find out having someone on your side is well worth the price.

Do not jeopardize your policy limits, or put at risk your insurance claim by making omissions that could make you lose your money. Beware of pointless repairs, replacements or costly work that exceed the regular market price. Professional insurance claims adjusters have the necessary experience to save you from this scenario, as they know the market and are familiar with tricks from the repair companies.

The term residential property legally refers to single family homes, attached townhomes, and high-rise condos. As such, they make up the largest amount of property in the States, and unfortunately, the biggest property losses come from this category. The most common cause of residential property loss is water-related events, which can be complex for several reasons. Some repairs might involve a process of drying-out first, which can cause further problems like mold when not performed correctly, and thus, turning it into a full-blown tear-out-and-repair project.

When facing damage or loss, most individuals find themselves in a situation they have never been in before, and tend to think they are fully covered against all kinds of events. Then the insurance company requests complicated paperwork, demands proof, or denies or devalues certain claims and they are hit with the reality of the complexity of the process. With a hand from an experienced independent adjuster, you can navigate more confidently through the insurance carrier’s demands, as well as the process of settlement offers, and get back the actual value of your claim. 

Insurance companies used to have claims handled by their own trained adjusters. Nowadays, perhaps because of budget reasons, they tend to outsource them to an independent adjuster, or even have the restoration company itself acting as adjuster. None of this option benefits the property owner who is going through the loss. Consider that most field insurance claims adjusters don’t have power of decision, and the person in charge who they report to might never actually visit your place. 

Don’t forget that an independent adjuster sent to check on your claim represents the company interests, not yours, as any restoration firm that may try to increase its prices to maximize their profit. When issues arise from the restoration billing, the insurance company may argue that you signed the authorization, and they will only pay for what they consider necessary. This might leave you in debt with the restoration company. To avoid this situation, with the help of a claims adjuster, you can hire a repair company only after having the insurance company authorization in writing. 

Keep in mind that any claim reported to your insurance company will be archived in a central index bureau that records all losses on your property address. Furthermore, it is possible to obtain a CLUE (Compressive Loss Underwriting Exchange) report with that information. For this reason it’s important to keep records of all the repairs in case you want to sell your house, or any other formality is required in the future.

With years of experience as insurance claims adjusters, we can manage the process and we have what it takes to recover your claim. With our expertise in insurance policies, claim processes, and loss management we have amassed strong recognition in the field. We can achieve maximum claims settlements for your policy so you can move on fast and recover your life.