How does a fire insurance adjuster help?

A public adjuster’s work is unknown by most. For this reason, we share this article in order to tell you a bit about the job of a public adjuster in Chicago as well as how they may assist a business owner who has been the victim and suffered damage.  Read below to find out more.

·  Quality Fire Damage Claims Help from Beginning to End: Very few property owners have any type of experience with fire damage insurance claims or business interruption claims in Chicago. They are unfamiliar with the way in which claims function – and that is perfectly acceptable! Regrettably, many insurance companies may attempt to trick you and to take advantage of you. When contracting an insurance claims adjuster in Chicago, you simultaneously contract professional assistance as well.
·  Steer clear of Common Drawbacks: One single error could cause great disarray in your fire insurance claim. An error that is more serious could even cause the reduction or denial of your claim. Our public adjusters Chicago trust are familiar with insurance company tactics – and they assist us in avoiding such techniques. 
·  Maximized Payout: A skilled public adjuster potentially increases insurance payout 270% greater than your insurance company’s initial offer. This directly translates into additional cash at a moment when you most need it.
·  Worry-free Claims: Fire damage insurance claims and business interruption claims in Chicago may cause anxiety. It is possible you will need to vacate your home or business for a period of time.  If your experience in dealing with insurance claims is rather limited, a public adjuster can help to lessen this anxiety.
·  Fees that are Transparent and Competitive: We share our fees from day one. As with other insurance adjusters in Chicago, our fee comes from a flat percentage cut of your end payout.
·  Only Pay When Effective: The only payment required for your public adjuster comes after you have accepted your final payout of insurance. Prior to receiving this payout, no payment is made to your adjuster.

Examples of Fire Insurance Claims
Some of the example situations that require public adjusters are:

·  Commercial Fire Damage Insurance Claims: Fire damage may cause widespread damage to the equipment, inventory, and property, potentially devastating a commercial property or business. You purchase business insurance that will cover any fire damage. A public adjuster in Chicago will fight hard for the protection of your business.
·  Total Loss Insurance Claims: In cases where the damage from the fire exceeds the total policy value, or if the expenses incurred by home repair exceed the value of the home itself, the insurance claim required is that of  total loss. A public insurance adjuster Chicago knows and trusts will put in their best effort to make sure all of your home has coverage from your insurance policy, thus ensuring their clients obtain everything owed to them.
·  House Fire Damage Claims: Obtain greater compensation and increase insurance payouts as much as possible through house fire damage claim assistance from Public Insurance Adjusters of Chicago.

The Fire Damage Claim Process
Normally, a fire damage insurance claim must pass through the steps below:

1. Make the premises safe. If needed, reach out to emergency services. If possible, a smaller fire can be extinguished by yourself.
2. Reach out to your insurer to begin the claim process. Your insurer will assign a claim number to you before advising additional instructions.
3. Pause to wait for the arrival of insurance claims adjusters in CHicago. Your insurance company will send an adjuster to your site in order to perform site inspection, damage assessment, estimation of repair and restoration costs, and determination of the following step.
4. Contract an emergency restoration team. Your insurance company might suggest contracting a crew for emergency restoration who can secure your site.  Alternatively, you can hire a contractor and obtain a free estimate of fire damage restoration expenses.
5. Document the entire process. Be sure to take videos and photos of any damage.  Keep your receipts and take lots of notes.  If you are forced to move out of your house, the insurance company will take care of meals, accommodations, and any other expenses. 
6. Finish the claim. After repairs have been completed and any damage is fully documented, your insurance company will complete your payout and close your claim process. 

Obviously, it is rare for the insurance claims process to go without a hitch. The majority of claims run into various hiccups during the process. Any of these issues may make your claim vulnerable and could potentially reduce your payout.  For this reason, a public claims adjuster in Chicago may be the best choice you make. If you experience any issues with insurance recovery, reach out to us and we will assist you.