Four Things to Keep in Mind When Contracting Public Adjusters for your Claim for Fire Damage

It is incredibly traumatic when your business or home has been affected by fire. When you need to file a fire damage insurance claim, it should be as easy as making a call; but, the process often becomes complex and stressful.  For this reason, contracting a Licensed Public Adjuster (occasionally called a “Private Adjuster”) immediately after your soot, smoke, or fire damage incident.

There is plenty to deal with if you’ve been the victim of a fire, including the location of temporary housing, relocation of your family, replacement of destroyed items, and the management of your hectic schedule, while at the same time worrying that your life may never be normal again.  In the worst possible scenario you could potentially be handling injured family members.  Any fire can be terrifying, even smaller ones.  Having to worry about insurance company dealing and issues can worsen the situation.

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A Public Claims Adjuster will manage your claims process with complete representation of your interests, thus contributing to the reduction of your stress and making sure the settlement you recover from your insurance company is appropriate and complete. Perhaps you have been on the lookout for an insurance adjuster in your area who can assist with your fire damage claim.  If this is the case, read below for a few pointers.

1) Public Insurance Adjusters work for YOU, not for your insurance company

It is crucial to understand this point, specifically if you have no experience collaborating with a private adjuster.  When any kind of insurance claim is made, insurance companies commonly send an insurance adjuster from their team for damage assessment and to submit the insurance claim.  This individual is not working for you but for the insurance company.  However, a public adjuster works specifically for you, representing your interests and evening out the match-up.

2) In the absence of a Public Adjuster on your team, you may be made to wait numerous months before repairs as you wait for your insurance company

In the past, insurance companies chose to send an adjuster from their team as well as an emergency restoration team less than 48 hours after you’ve experienced a fire. However this is no longer the case.  In today’s world, homeowners can be made to wait several months prior to receiving the settlement for their claim or even being able to begin repairs. As shown is number 3 below, this is a major issue. When you hire your very own insurance adjuster, they’ll be that someone who is consistently on your team since day one.  Although fire claims are often time-consuming, McKinley Public Adjuster will work their hardest to make certain you receive a resolution for your claim in the shortest time possible.

3) The untrained eye may not be able to see the fire damages’ full extent

Fires leave soot that may contain extreme acidity and the longer it sits, the more property damage it may cause. If cleaning is delayed, invisible contaminants may be left behind, if not appropriately addressed, triggering health problems and even causing smells to re-emerge many years after the fire.

For this reason the rapid performance of repairs and cleanup is crucial, and an insurance adjuster from McKinley Public Adjuster can assist in speeding the claims process in any way possible, making sure damage documentation is thorough, as laid out below. Do not forget that any insurance company has a tendency to advise you not to carry out any work on your property during the loss investigation process.  This means that they are likely to forbid you from paying for the cleaning yourself even if you are willing to.

4) When you hire a Public Adjuster from Mckinley Public Adjuster, you obtain access to a complete team of professionals

At McKinley Public Adjusters, we execute a comprehensive fire damage inspection then prepare a thorough report, assisted by contents specialists, estimators, contractors, and various other experts if necessary. 
As far as claims go, those for fire damage tend to be some of the most complicated insurance claims altogether, however hiring a claims adjuster from McKinley Public Adjuster is certain to give you that team of professional insurance claims adjusters by your side to guide you through the claims process from beginning to end.

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