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Nobody can foresee whether or when they may sustain property damage as a result of an unexpected, unavoidable event. But when it occurs, it could be challenging to distinguish between the participants and their respective roles. It’s common for people to wonder what distinguishes an insurance adjuster’s duties from those of a contractor. We are..

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Even if your insurer rejects your claim, your claim is still pending. You can reverse an incorrect denial of your claim and obtain the compensation you are due by completing certain actions. Has your insurance claim been rejected by the insurance company? What actions should you take if your insurance claim is rejected? Learn what..

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Insuring your home is among the first things you take care of upon purchasing it. However, once that is done, are you interested in going over your homeowner insurance policy one more time? Most people will not be thrilled at saying yes when asked that question. Actually, reviewing your homeowner insurance policy annually is the..

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It is incredibly traumatic when your business or home has been affected by fire. When you need to file a fire damage insurance claim, it should be as easy as making a call; but, the process often becomes complex and stressful.  For this reason, contracting a Licensed Public Adjuster (occasionally called a “Private Adjuster”) immediately..

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