McKinley Public Adjusters answer Frequently Asked Question about the role of Public Adjuster

1Who Is Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a person who advocate for the policyholder in appraising and negotiating an insurance claim. The only type of privilege that claims adjusters can legally represent is an insured’s rights during an insurance claim process.

2 What is the difference between a public adjuster and an insurance company adjuster?

An independent adjuster or the insurance company adjuster are both employed by the insurance company and can’t protect both your interest and the interest of his/her employer at the same time. Most of the time, the claims adjuster company will often offer to settle a claim for the sum they see fit, which is not always in favor of the policyholder. A public adjuster is an expert who works exclusively for you, the policyholder. We are the experts in reading the final print and understanding your policy, coverage, and the insurance company’s responsibilities to negotiate a better settlement. Our independent adjusters are the professionals here to help you.

3When Should I Call Public Adjuster services?

The time to give our public adjusters a call is right after you experience a loss. It is best for all parties when we are involved at the beginning of the claim development in order to set the tone for the entire process.

4 How do I know if I need a public adjusters service?

In every claim, our team lead to the conclusion that the payment for damages is insufficient. Our service and aside from the underpayment, saves you countless hours meeting the company’s expert public adjusters, chasing contractors for their repair estimates, and studying the coverages’ policy.

5 What is the Public Adjuster’s Role?

A public adjuster’s role is to measure and document the loss on behalf of the policyholder, taking care of the claims process, and helping document all the losses of the insurance adjusters company, for all covered damages sustained in the event of a loss. Insurance claims adjusters will inspect all areas to demonstrate the full impact of the loss-producing event.

6 Do you offer emergency service?

Something that you can’t control is property damages. Our company is here to offer different types of emergency services to our customers who own residential and commercial properties. We are the public adjusters in Chicago that’s ready for any of your needs 24/7.

7 Do you also offer additional services?

We will take care of the whole restoration process from the beginning to the end. Flood cleanup, water damage restoration or when you have roof leakage due to strong weather conditions, our company is here to provide immediate help. We have a restoration division ready to help 27 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calling our public adjusters you can be sure you will receive a help on every step of the restoration process!

8 Will my settlement be higher if i contract a public adjuster?

As your claim will be presented in a manner that pays close attention to the coverage of your policy and is more favorable, by hiring a public adjuster Chicago residents trust, you will be more likely to obtain a higher settlement from your insurance company. Generally, if a claim is complete and more detailed, the settlement amount will be higher. By going over the evidence bit by bit, meticulously assessing the loss site, and comprehensively documenting damage. Over time, studies have shown unmistakably that very few inventories prepared by policyholders and without the incorporation of a claims adjuster in Chicago come out complete.

9 Who do public adjusters assist?

We assist clients with any claims, commercial or residential. If a natural disaster has affected your business or home, we’ll guide you through the process of ensuring your claim is correctly filed and making certain you receive the amount of money you deserve.

10 In what way does McKinley differ from other insurance claims adjusters in Chicago?

We founded our company on a philosophy of service. We know that we would prefer customized treatment during a difficult and stressful time so we tailor our work towards each individual residential and commercial client. We will continue until we’re certain that we have prepared a comprehensive insurance claim for each client.

11 Is it necessary for your public adjuster in Chicago to have a license?

The majority of states requires your claims adjuster to have a license. In Illinois, public adjusters are licensed, so if you were to hire a representative without a license would be working illegally. All of McKinley’s public adjusters in Chicago are Illinois licensed.

12 Is my claim major enough to require professional assistance?

We only participate in claims that require our services, contact us to obtain a complimentary claim evaluation. We take care of minor claims from lawyers, brokers, agents, client recommendations, clients, and property managers.

13 Why use insurance claims adjusters?

As leading claims adjusters Chicago residents trust, we are experienced and reputable. Big insurance companies are familiar with and respect our work for its high quality, giving us a leg up over numerous other appraisers and public adjusters in Chicago. You’ll have a larger advantage thanks to our resourcefulness. Basically, unless a settlement is in your favor, we will not accept it. Public insurance claims adjusters will do everything they can to obtain the best compensation you can get.