McKinley Loss Management

Our Role as a Loss Management Experts

Our public adjusters provide a professional service to individual homeowners and businesses that have suffered a loss. We inspect, prepare, and submit a claim to your insurance company and negotiate the maximum settlement possible under the terms of your insurance policy.

Our team have years of experience in insurance and construction industries, which we’ll make sure that you gain your full entitlement under your insurance policy. Whether it’s flooding, storm, water, fire, and smoke, our team has the experience as well as expertise to provide you with the best service possible.



Loss Management - Why You Need Public Adjuster

How can the public adjuster help you?

If you suffered an unexpected loss to your property or space due to a natural disaster - fire, earthquake, flood, snow storm, hurricane, etc. - the first thing you hope is that your insurance company arrives prepared with experts. As an insured, you have rights and responsibilities, and one of those is the ability to hire an attorney to defend you. We will take care of completing all the necessary paperwork, documentation of damages and conducting discussions with the insurance company for you, while evaluating the terms and conditions of your insurance to determine the best strategy to take.

You do not need to know the law, we take care of handling your case from start to finish. We will make sure that your claim covers all expenses that have arisen from the damage to your property. Additional costs can also be covered based on debris removal, loss of business income, temporary relocation, and additional maintenance work.


When it comes to providing solutions to the commercial and residential markets in terms of property damage and property loss, McKinley is the quintessential choice. Our team specializes in large-scale losses, domestic business risks, mid-size commercial property losses, and residential losses; providing analysis and research on the origins and causes of the event in order to assist you with the insurance claim process and the restoration process as soon as possible.


McKinley's regional teams assist homeowners with their insurance claims through global counseling. Our adjusters are responsible for assisting clients and their customers with fire, water, storm, subsidence and other misfortune claims. In much larger territories, we integrate repair and restoration work through our official repair networks to make the process simpler.

Commercial Loss Management

McKinley is a firm that acts on behalf of insurers, agents, and corporate clients in all types of business line claims. Taking into account that the processes to guide a small business in the claim process and handle it in an empathic approach are very different in the case of a large company, McKinley uses expert technology to expedite the process as quickly as possible, always looking for a resolution that is favorable to all parties involved and always informing them at each stage of the claim process. In the largest regions of the world, our experienced service network is available to provide you with the much-needed support for your restoration processes, at completely competitive prices.

Loss Management - When we help?

Fire & Smoke Damage
Fire is always an unexpected and incredibly stressful situation. Even the smallest fire can cause devastating damages to your home or businesses. Our claims adjusters understand that if you have fire or smoke damage in your home, it can create a huge problem. Our Loss Management company will take care of the whole process of restoration.

Water & Flooding
To achieve the best outcome possible for your home or business, our company has years of experience in the loss management field. We will help you with any water damage that you may experience in your homes or businesses. Our team of public insurance adjusters will ensure that your properties will be good as new once we have finished our claim process.

Wind & Storm
Severe weather conditions such as wind and storm can cause property damages, and repairing it can be a complex undertaking. Our claims adjusters in Chicago will make sure that you will get the best out of your insurance policy when your property suffers storm or wind damages. With our company, you will have the most experienced public adjusters who specialize in property loss management in Chicago. Don’t let a storm damage your property value!