McKinley Loss Management Co. - Water Damage Restoration & Fire Damage Restoration Chicago

Fire damage, water damage, and other property damage leaves us feeling devastated, and the first thing that we want is to restore our property loses and get back to our normal life. That is why McKinley Loss Management is here to help you all the way to your complete construction and restoration process whether it is residential, commercial or industrial properties. We want to help you find that starting point and guide you through the recovery and restoration process as smoothly as possible. The restoration process will begin promptly before your insurance company issues any payment. Our contractors are guaranteed skilled, proficient, licensed and insured. We will declare and submit a detailed scope of work to guarantee that every situation of your residential or commercial restoration is completed effectively and efficiently.


McKinley Public Adjusters Chicago - Interior Restoration Division

Being a property owner, damages caused by fire or water are probably the worst that can occur on your property. Being a victim of fire is an unfortunate event and distressing scenario. No one is prepared for the devastation caused by fire. You may end up losing your properties or sometimes-even pets. Vandalism is another problem that could damage your exterior. Aside from it being costly, it is also emotionally devastating when you feel that you are personally violated.

Water damage caused by floods, broken pipes, leaky roofs, or backup in sewage can make your home inhabitable and destroy some of your belongings. It also causes damages, especially in your flooring or walls and even in your furniture. The presence of water damage can leave underlying issues such as molds or unusual warping.